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Mr. Fay obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Alberta and attended the University of Saskatchewan Law School. He has worked as a claims adjudicator for the Worker’s Compensation Board of Alberta, as a probation officer and a youth worker for the Alberta Solicitor General, and as a corrections officer for the Saskatchewan Department of Justice.

In 1986, Allan began working as a Crown prosecutor with Alberta Justice. In six years with the Calgary Crown prosecutors’ office, he prosecuted offences ranging from speeding tickets to homicide. The numerous accolades he earned for his work there include a congratulatory letter from the Minister of Justice.

In 1994, Allan established a private practice, concentrating on defending criminal cases and appearing at all levels of court in Alberta. In addition to his criminal law practice, Allan has experience as a former Traffic Court Judge from 1995-2009. Where he adjudicated over traffic matters and other charges that fell under provincial and municipal legislation.